Science at Great Meols


Our intent is to enable pupils to:

• be curious about things they observe, exploring the world about them with all their senses;

• develop understanding of key scientific ideas and make links between different experiences;

• begin to think about models to try to make sense of things they cannot directly experience.

• acquire and refine practical skills so as to investigate questions safely;

• develop skills of predicting, asking questions, making inferences, concluding and evaluating based on available evidence;

• practise and use mathematical skills and be aware of their use as an aid to understanding.

• use scientific and mathematical language including technical vocabulary and conventions;

• use diagrams and charts to communicate scientific ideas;

• read non-fiction and extract relevant information to support their understanding;

• use sustained and systematic writing of different kinds to present ideas.

• work with others, listening to their ideas and treating these with respect;

• develop a respect for the environment, living things and for their own and each other’s health and safety;

• gain insight into the complexity, diversity and wonder of the universe.

Our curriculum design is based upon the units created in the Kent scheme of work.