The Curriculum at Great Meols

As an Oak Trees’ school, we are firmly committed to the vision:

‘We believe in the power and potential of people.’

The teaching and learning of our curriculum enables adults and children to fulfil this vision by:

• having the belief that everyone has the power to inspire, the power to change and the power to achieve excellence in their own way,

• unlocking potential through knowledge, creativity, application, practice, socializing, discovery and passion,

• enabling the community to work together to create greatness inside and outside of the classroom,

• raising aspirations and inspiring children to be ambitious and develop a lifelong love of learning,

• dedicating our well balanced, child centred curriculum to ensure the intellectual, spiritual, cultural and physical development of every child to equip them for life in our society.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure children have the opportunities to: co-operate and collaborate; achieve excellence; have their aspirations raised; have their imaginations inspired and explore new interests and new ideas (CARE).

For the academic year 2019-20 and beyond, we are committed to create a curriculum to inspire and engage our children. In the Autumn Term of 2019, we have created a whole school topic based on the environment. The intent of this topic is;

‘To inspire, motivate and challenge our learners to explore the environment, value its purpose and feel empowered to become a responsible global citizen.’

The school curriculum will be developed over three years in the following way:


Year Groups