Music at Great Meols


Our overall aim is to foster pupils’ sensitivity to, and their understanding and enjoyment of, music, through an active involvement in listening, composing, performing and responding.

In addition, this school aims to:

• develop a sensitive response to sound in general and “music” (organised patterns of sound) in particular;

• develop the capacity to express ideas and feelings symbolically through the medium of sound;

• develop social skills and concepts whilst engaged in musical activity;

• offer pupils opportunities to experience personal satisfaction and self-confidence derived from striving after the highest possible standards whilst engaged in musical activity;

• develop an awareness of musical traditions and developments in our own and other cultures;

• develop an understanding of music as a valuable means of communication and to appreciate the contribution music make to society.

At Great Meols, we strive for musical excellence and ensure all children have the opportunity to learn an instrument, be part of a choir and perform for an audience.