"The community of our school seeks to promote a caring and stimulating environment embracing trust, friendship, honesty and mutual respect where all children feel valued.

The well balanced, child centred curriculum seeks to ensure the intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social and physical development of every child equipping them for life in our society."



Our Long Term Aims


To develop the academic potential of each pupil through a thorough, yet sensitive approach to the National Curriculum, supported by a framework of ongoing assessment, recording and reporting of achievement reflecting effective policy implementations.

Extra Curriculum

To enrich each pupil’s life experience and improve confidence through the development of a wide variety of activities; to nurture social, physical and aesthetic skills in school and in the community.


To achieve sound levels of appropriate behaviour, based on mutual respect, through the establishment of a clear code of conduct in school, supported by a balanced system of rewards and sanctions, to ensure a caring attitude and a sense of responsibility to others.

Staff Development

To provide opportunities and encourage staff in the development of their professional skills.

Financial Resources

To maintain a sound financial base to enable the school to achieve its aims effectively and efficiently.


To create surroundings in which staff and children can work in harmony, comfort and safety.

Parents and Community

To develop the relationship between staff, children and parents for the continuing benefit of the school and the community.