We explore many opportunities to enhance the art curriculum, through organising visits to local art galleries and arranging for visiting artists to work with the children in school.

Recent activities have involved ceramic work, mosaic work (both within school and in the local park), 3D modelling and making willow sculptures. The children have also entered a national textile competition with their quilt work.

Arts Week

Each year we have a a special Arts Week where the children explore a range of medium, often with specialist art teachers.  We link this with music, drama and dance experiences and celebrate as a whole school at the end of the week.


As well as an exciting curriculum we have a 'STEM' week each year where the whole school focuses on science activities in their classes and demonstates their achievements to the other children at the end of the week.

We also run various science-based extra-curricular activities:

Our computer club helps the children to develop a strong interest in information technology.   STEM club and Wicked Science workshoops foster a keen interest in science by getting them involved in interactive and fun experiments.

For a full list of forthcoming art and science events please view the school calender